Saturday, December 01, 2012

Are we being too vigilant about texting?

First off, before I say anything else- I don't text while my car is moving. I really don't. However, when I am sitting at a red light, I will occasionally look at my phone- maybe to send a text, maybe to make a phone call (my car came with bluetooth, so I am assuming that's ok?), or maybe to look at a map, or one of the thousands of lists that I have on my phone.

Today, I was at a RED LIGHT and a man next to me honked and when I looked at him, he made faces of exasperation- how dare I be on my phone. Again- car wasn't moving. How is that ANY DIFFERENT from reading a map? Or looking at a list on paper? I was on my phone because I was calling my friend, so I wasn't on there for long. It really kind of irritated me that he was so angry over something that I really don't think he understood (it was an old dude... and even though my parents have cell phones and email and all that, they still dont' really understand having everything on your phone.) I felt very judged. And I really don't feel like I was putting anyone's life in danger. Am I wrong here?

Tonight I'm making Chocolate Crinkle Cookies for the MYC cookie exchange on Wednesday night! They are the ones that are chocolate and have powdered sugar on the outside, and then when they bake, the white powdered sugar cracks open and you can see the dark chocolate inside. I hope they turn out! I'll post pics tomorrow if they do.

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