Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eating boogers

Yesterday Nurse sent me a text that literally had me laughing so hard I was crying. She was telling me that someone she works with has a 5 year old that wants to be an opera singer, and that, at 5 years old, can sing the aria from Mozart's Magic Flute.

Nurse said that she had a "at 5 I still ate my own boogers" moment. So funny....

Immediately, I wanted to respond that I still have "at 34 I still eat my boogers" moments almost every day... but I was worried that my friends would think I actually ate my own boogers (it was a group text). And THEN I actually had to go through this thought process: "wait, DO I still eat my own boogers?" "Ah- no, actually, I have never really been into that, surprisingly."

But I must re-iterate that I often FEEL like a 34 year old who would do this.

Also- the entire time that I was in my car laughing about this and wiping my tears away (calm down- I read it at a red light, I don't text while driving), NPR was doing a story about the Tuareg people in Africa. I wish I could tell you what it was about... but I was completely distracted by thinking of a brilliant yet ridiculous professor that I had in grad school who had studied the Tuareg (and naturally referred to them often). This woman:
  • would be talking to you in her office, reference a book, and REACH BEHIND HER AND PLUCK THE BOOK FROM THE SHELF and plop it on her desk WITHOUT BREAKING EYE CONTACT
  • looked like she had walked out of the pages of 1967 Vogue Magazine
  • shocked all of us when she told us she had been in the peace corps in Africa as a young woman in the 60s 
  • used words like "cogent" (ie: "oh how very COGENT of you, Trog")
I loved her. 

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