Sunday, January 13, 2013

Houston Marathon 2013

Don't get too excited- I didn't run the Houston Marathon. However, I DID go down there this weekend, to cheer on my dear friend Nurse!!!

Also- Nurse and I had an ulterior motive at the race expo. We were actually stalking our favorite blogger, SkinnyRunner ( And we met her. And she was really nice. AND she put our photo on her website. AND she put F's photo on her website!!!!

We pretty much feel like our lives are complete now.

Also- if you have ever been a spectator at a running event, you know this- watching people run is pretty freaking motivating. Watching people run for at least two hours in the bitter cold, pouring rain is UBER motivating. I stood at the intersection (not the corner- I was actually standing in the crosswalk, like a boss) of Montrose and Dallas for an hour and a half in the freezing rain (not literally, this is Houston) and then actually came home and ran a mile and a half (I know- I should really be proud... actually I totally am proud) even though I was really cold. AND the night before I ran a mile and a half in the RAIN (before it was cold).

Today when I was leaving my intersection, I heard someone call my name- bizzare, since I was standing on the street in Houston. It was my friend Kami, who I have known since Elementary School, and probably haven't seen since our High School reunion!! Pretty awesome- he was there cheering on his brother (who I had just seen... and I said to myself, Hey, that looks like Kami's brother!) That was pretty awesome- great cap on a great trip to Houston.

Also, Nurse and I signed up for the Zooma half marathon in Bastrop on April 23, and Vet also said she would do it!!! Big fun!!

Anyhow- it was really good to be in Houston for the weekend- had a great time with friends on Saturday at the EXPO, and then had a great time today. However, I am super glad to be home tonight with my dog and husband to watch the golden globes and drink two buck chuck. :)

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