Monday, January 21, 2013

Inaguration Day!

pretty good day today!!! This morning we watched the Inauguration, and we loved it. I ran out of coffee though, so I had to run down to Starbucks and get a skinny vanilla latte so that I could watch it. AND then later I went to costco and got more coffee (this update is rocking so far, right?)

We ran errands and stuff today: I got this charm for my charm bracelet:
It's an "evil eye" charm. I had jury duty in December, and it was a big deal- it was a murder case, and there were just a lot of circumstances involved that made it emotionally very significant to me. I somehow got a check for my civic duty (I had filled out a form to donate it at one point, and gave it to the bailiff... maybe that was just the jury selection?), and since that happened, I wanted to get something with it that I would have for a while. So I decided on a charm, and then I saw this. I guess I'm trying to ward off his family from hurting me (which of course I joke about.... but I am a little bit afraid of it, in the back of my mind, even though I'm sure they would never remember me).

F also ordered some new glasses:
Haha- just kidding. He got different ones, but this picture is AWESOME. We have been asking ourselves all evening how many pairs of these they might sell in a month... or year.

Also today was my running group. This is a pic of me getting ready to head out- wearing my new running duds that I ordered:
At run club, we ran two loops of this little trail by the gym, and I usually can only do one (each lap is 1.4 miles) because I run much faster than I do by myself (competitive much?) Tonight I was in a little group with three other ladies: we ran the first loop pretty fast (a minute faster than my normal pace) and then I kept telling myself that I HAD to run the loop again. I even made a deal with myself- if I ran it again, then I could have a high life when I got home. So, I did, and I did:
(Sunshine did not run, nor did she drink a High Life- she just likes to pose!)

Have a great evening!!!

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