Sunday, January 20, 2013

Long Run: 3 miles

Yesterday I had an awesome, productive, restful day.

I started out by getting up to go for a run. I usually get up about 15 minutes before I have to leave the house. This time, I got up earlier and ate breakfast and drank two cups of coffee before running. AND, Sunshine ate too. I also went to the bathroom and got all of THAT taken care of so that I didn't have to do it at Town Lake or in my pants.

Also, I felt like I had more energy during my run. All I had for breakfast was an english muffin with two tsp of almond butter (I use almond butter because sometimes I go CRAAAAAZY with peanut butter) and two tsp of jelly- it wasn't super big or protein-y or anything. But I didn't get tired and think I couldn't finish my run.

I started my run at 8am, and was done with plenty of time to bring Sunshine home and then go to Weight Watchers, which started at 9:30. Then I came home and showered and had a snack, and went to the grocery store and the bank.

When I was done with all of that (which took a long time) I watched bridesmaids and took a power nap on the couch under the electric throw blanket that I love. It was a pretty delicious day- normally I feel guilty taking naps (while my husband makes himself as busy as possible), but I kept reminding myself that he was still sleeping when I was out running and exercising our dog, AND that even if he wasn't, it's ok to take a break on the weekends- we don't have to be productive all day, every day. In fact, that's a sure fire attitude to get you burnt out and overwhelmed (and once you're there, it's just across the street from depressed).

So- to recap: great Saturday, great run, great dog :)

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