Tuesday, January 15, 2013

reason 18372 why I hate co-ed bathrooms

On Friday night I drove my little self to Tomball. When I was almost there, I had to stop to use the restroom, and it was in a nice-enough gas station. They had ONE restroom- ok whatever.

So, I knocked on the door- no voices from inside. I started opening it, and heard water running. I could see the sink- it was turned off.

I kept creeping the door open... and then saw this dude standing there, peeing. Not saying anything, even though there was a person opening the door. Probably hoping that someone was going to "accidentally" see his junk. I didn't- I sincerely hope he was disappointed.

Gross. And so weird. I didn't even want to have to make eye contact with this jerk, so I went across the street!

I know- good story.

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