Thursday, February 07, 2013

some articles that I have been interested in lately:

Great article about how running doesn't necessarily cause arthritis (which people LOVE to tell me all the time)

also, this isn't a new article, but I LOVE this guy: I actually tried to go to grad school at GWU (where he used to be, but isn't anymore) so that he could be my advisor. And I may have almost kind of stalked him at an anthropology conference once. I just think he's awesome- I love his work, and I love that he's kind of nerdy and brilliant, and we are obviously kindred spirits. And also, when I saw him speak once he used a picture of Homer Simpson in his presentation:

Also- I have been briefly fascinated by this whole Richard III thing- especially the timing of it, since the  descendants that they confirmed his DNA with are both the last in their lineages, and in another generation this wouldn't have been possible:

So that's what I've been reading/thinking about lately.

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