Friday, February 01, 2013

Steep learning curve

"There is a pretty steep learning curve" is something you OFTEN hear in education- about teachers in their first year. You struggle, and struggle some more, and then you kind of figure out what you're doing, and then you start getting pretty good at it. And then you start seeing results.

So this week, I'm not seeing any weight loss on my scale peeking/cheating. However, my pants are feeling loose- I am going to take my measurements tomorrow. I had an ok workout week- I really wish I could convince my brain that I enjoy waking up early to exercise.

Monday- didn't get up early, but went to body pump (which was hard, and kind of hurt my back)
Tuesday- didn't get up for run group, rationalized this because "my back hurt from body pump"- had a migrane later than night
Wednesday- didn't get up for spin class. went on a short 2 mile run at home with Sunshine
Thursday- got home really late (stuck in traffic for an hour!!), so no run
Friday- got up early for run group (really hard- on treadmills, easy pace. started at 0, then up to 3, 6, 9, and 12 elevation, then back down- we did that twice) I have to admit I don't push myself on the Mill like I do outside.

Best day of the week? Friday, of course.

Tomorrow is my long run day- doing 5 miles with Sunshine. have to go at 6:30 to make sure I can get everything done!!!!

This is me asking Sunsine if she wanted to go running... she's thinking about it.

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