Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday.

This morning I went to a bodypump "express" class (only 30 minutes) AND a CX Work class (also 30 min- all core work). Freaking hard.

I enjoy taking classes- the people watching is really good, PLUS I love seeing older people and out of shape people (like me) getting after it. And usually kicking ass. Today, I also saw someone's buttcheeks- she was a beautiful, extremely fit woman, and she was wearing some really short running shorts, and every time she did a squat I could see her cheeks. Why do they even make shorts that short???? This is a reminder to me to always wear pants to this class!

I'm pretty proud of myself this week: this is what it looked like, workout wise:

Sunday: ran 2 easy miles in Tomball.
Monday: went to run club, ran a mile and a half at a fairly fast pace (for me) while trying to keep up with a very tall, fit man. My average pace range for that 1.86 miles was 11:13-11:06. I have been averaging about a 12 minute mile.
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: spin class! really hard, required a lot of breaks (Coach says that if I eat breakfast before I go that it won't be as hard- not sure if I'm buying that, and really not sure if I want to get up at 4:30 to eat breakfast on Wednesday mornings. I always eat after I workout. But maybe I'll try it.)
Thursday: awesome, fast, incredibly hard speed workout. Fastest split was 5:53.
Friday: 2 classes- body pump and core. Pretty good.
Saturday: tomorrow is my long run!!! woo-hoo, 3 whole miles. Don't remember the last time I actually ran three. I'm going all out- doing this down at the Lake with Sunshine (she is pumped.)

I'm feeling pretty darn good. I also have a weigh in tomorrow morning... not so sure how that's going to go. However, I'm cutting myself slack- I'm getting in a lot of activity, and I'm eating within my points. I'm doing the right things. It might just take time :)

AND... according to my activelink I am a slug at this training that I've been at all week, so today I will run up and down the stairs a few times during the breaks. Yesterday I earned 9 activity points!!! Hopefully I will earn some today too!

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