Thursday, January 17, 2013

speed workout tonight...

Tonight was a speed workout with my running group. We ran from the gym to the middle school track across the street from my house and did some sprints.

On the way, I had to stop by our house and get my inhaler!! Thank goodness I live close by!

We jogged the curves and sprinted the straight-aways... and it was EFFING hard. I started out feeling pretty good- ran a really fast sprint and passed everyone up (which is shocking- I don't run fast). After the sprint, I panted like a wild animal. For an embarassingly long time. But, I have to say, on the sprints, I gave it all I had. I pulled out all the stops- even if I had to walk on the curves, I didn't hold back at all on the sprints.

Here are my splits:
We actually ran a mile before this, and my Garmin wasn't picking up a signal, so I didn't have that on there. So the first lap is our first jog, and 2 is our first sprint, and it goes like that until 15, which includes where we stood around and talked while someone looked for their phone, and then started walking back. 16 is when I started jogging on the way back (can you tell I was a little tired? I was RUNNING a 14 minute mile.

This was a really awesome workout- I felt like we all bonded too. Which kind of makes me sad, because starting next week I'm switching to the morning running group. I'm sure there are awesome folks in that group too :)

Also tonight, our friend Bono is visiting- he's fun. I came in and he and F were just starting to watch Rattle & Hum. I picked up a pizza on the way home from the gym and then made a salad, AND had a beer (and relished it all after the crazy hard run I had just done). They are SO serious about this movie- they're pretty freaking cute.

Ok, off to shower (finally!) and watch some U2!

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